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Why choose Stonecarpet?
pic of Stonecarpet floor virtually lasts forever
You’re looking at quartz, one of the oldest stones on earth. Created literally billions of years ago, it’s one of the most durable stones available. We mine ours in northern Ohio and then send it to a processing center for sorting to meet our exact standards. From there, each individual stone is colorized with specially-formulated dyes in pre-determined colors (we can also dye the stones to meet your specifications and needs).

Stonecarpet floors is a naturally seamless and slip-resistant flooring product composed of thousands quartz stones that can be dyed in an endless array of colors. Its appearance is seamless – literally like a carpet of stone – without grout lines (and all of the problems they bring). Unlike any other type of flooring, this unique architectural surface hides dirt and debris while retaining its attractiveness for years and years. It’s the natural choice for high-traffic area floors.
Harley Davidson Liberty Floor
By combining the dyed crystals, an ulimited number of colors can be matched to your project.