install pic 1Our patented resin is delivered to the job site.
install pic 2 Quartz stones are packaged in paper and shipped to site.
The colored stones are then mixed to specs on-site.
install pic 3After the stones are mixed to match color they are then loaded into the mixer.
install pic 4The mixer combines the perfect amount of resin with rocks ready to be spread
on the floor.
install pic 5The workers then begin to spread the mixture on the floor by hand.
The workers then trowel the stone to the desired 3/8" thickness.
install pic 7Continuing to hand trowell the system gets the floor ready for the final hover trowell.
install pic 8The hover trowel closes and tightens the stonecarpet system to complete the installation process.
install pic 10After only 12 hours the floor is ready to walk on, 7 days later the floor reaches its optimal hardness.
picture of install before and after
pic of harley dealership roadway
Stonecarpet has been a choice of flooring for car dealerships, libraries, churches, and many other public high traffic applications. This Stonecarpet floor was designed for a motocycle dealership.